Electrolux EFLS617 & EFME617SIW Washer/Dryer Review

Electrolux ELFS617 and EFME617 Stackable Washer Dryer Set

This stylish pair entered the market in 2016 to instant acclaim. Both machines have the capacity to handle king-size bedding. And customers report that clothes come out of the washer noticeably cleaner and brighter. The rinse cycle is so aggressive that the clothes come out nearly dry as well. The dryer leaves clothes with few wrinkles and untangled. Some customers have even claimed to have packed up their ironing board! The chimes are not jarring at all. In fact, they should probably be a bit louder. If your laundry room is out of earshot, consider setting an egg timer.

A Pretty Darn Good Washer/Dryer

The features are pretty darn complete. There’s a steam clean for very dirty laundry, and a 15-minute fast was, which is great for when your child soils a favorite shirt and runs around crying until it’s ready to wear again. An eco setting makes it even more energy efficient. Even off eco mode, the washer uses a shockingly low amount of water and detergent. A big selling point is the “allergen” setting, which is more than a marketing gimmick; it really gives the clothes that “biological” clean, good for allergy sufferers and germophobes. The presoak and steam features can bring hopelessly soiled clothes virtually back from the dead. The dryer’s wrinkle release feature can smooth the stone-wash creases out of a pair of jeans.


Most aspects of operation are user friendly. The detergents are easily removable, making cleaning the unit easier to clean. The control panel is intuitive enough that you won’t find yourself constantly running back to the user manual. The dryer reminds you to clean the lint screen. A light in the washer tub makes it easier to keep track of dark socks. The doors can be changed from left-open to right-open fairly easily. The washer comes with a timer feature so that you can throw clothes in overnight and set the machine to finish as you wake up, which keeps the clothes from sitting there wet for too long. The door hinges are easy to clean. And despite being a front loader, you can add clothes at any point.

Some Minor Drawbacks

Most customers describe the EFLS617 washer as very quiet. But depending on the location of your laundry room, the faster spin cycles can get noisy. Some customers with second-floor laundry rooms complain of it shaking the whole house. The washer door sits pretty low without the pedestal, and the tub is a bit deep. You might feel you’re crawling into a small cave, if a well-lit one.

As with virtually all front-loading washers, you’ve got to remember to keep the door open when not in use in order to air it out. When it is in use, make sure there is nothing blocking the door seal, or you could risk drips.

While we tried to be thorough listing the potential drawbacks to the models, let’s be clear that none of these — barring, for a minority of users, the noise and vibration of the faster spin settings — keep the Electrolux from being one of the best stackable washer-and-dryers on the market.


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