Best Stackable Washer-Dryers For the Home

A stackable washer-dryer is a type of washing machine that comes with a built-in tumble-dryer. In other words, it performs dual functions of washing and drying clothes. This type of washing machine can be positioned at a corner in the bathroom if the bathroom is roomy. It can also fit into a closet. Therefore, it is an option for families or individuals that do not have much space in their homes. Families living in homes that have not got a basement or any dedicated laundry room where a full washer and dryer will be placed can also buy this type of washer. As with other products in the market, stackable washer-dryers are made by different companies and they have different models. These companies do not make the same quality of products. This explains why some stackable washer-dryers in the market are more reliable and highly rated by consumers than others. If you need a stackable washer-dryer, it is advisable that you look for a quality product from a reliable brand. To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed three of the top rated products.

Frigidaire White Gas Washer And Dryer Combo – FFLG2022WH

Frigidaire FFLG2022WH is strongly created and equipped with a lot of features which mark it out from other products in the market. It is a gas powered washer-dryer that is available in white color. Below are some of the features of the product that you should know.


The product is user-friendly. At the touch of the button, you will be able to start your laundry. It is equipped with Frigidaire’s patented ready-select control which is the feature that makes washing quicker and easier. With a maximum spin speeds of 600 and drum capacity of 3.3 Cu. FT., it will take the machine only an hour to complete a full load.

Gentle wash and precision dry

Definitely, you will like to buy a washer/dryer that will not wear out your clothes easily or cause a lot of wrinkles and creases on your clothes after washing. Frigidaire FFLG2022WH is remarkable in this regard. It features the immersion care washing action which ensures that the machine washes the clothes without much stretching. It does this by moving the clothes in a wave-like motion. With this technology, wrinkles and tangling are reduced. To ensure that users don’t have to spend much time ironing their clothes in order to remove wrinkles, the designers of this machine also made it to dry clothes more precisely by equipping it with the precision dry moisture sensor. Precise drying also helps to reduce creases making your clothes to be neater. To make the drying more efficient and safer, the balance dry system of the unit is able to pull large volumes of air from the drum’s back and then circulates it even to the clothes.

Clean washer

There is no doubt that you would want your clothes to look cleaner and fresher after washing it. This is exactly the result that you will obtain with this product. It provides cleaner and fresher laundry thanks to the advance technology with which it is created. This technology uses fresh water to rinse the clothes after washing it so that no stain will be left on them.

Quiet operation

Frigidaire FFLG2022WH is one of the products in the market that do not cause any noise pollution when it is operating. It has a vibration control system which balances the loads making the unit to operate easily.

Different water options

The product comes with impressive temperature settings and automatic temperature control. You will also be able to choose the type of water you will like to wash with it. Whether you prefer cold, warm or hot water for washing, it will deliver it to you.

The unit also has impressive specifications which give it an edge over others. The manufacturer provides a year warranty on the parts and labour for the buyers. With this, you will have a rest of mind that nothing will happen to the machine for the first year.

Whirlpool 27″ White Washer And Dryer Combo¬†– WGT3300XQ

Whirlpool WGT3300XQ is a suitable option for individual that will not like to go to the laundromat. You can put it in your closet or basement. It is available in a medium size. The product operates finely, washes and dries clothes effectively. It has a large load capacity as well. It has received awesome reviews thanks to its impressive features.

Thorough and gentle cleaning

One good aspect of this product which a lot of consumers have commended is the way it cleans the wash load thoroughly. The product is able to provide a thorough wash thanks to the surgilator agilator which is able generate a continuous rollover action that does the cleaning. When the machine starts, it is capable of maximizing cleaning but it gently ends it thanks to its stepped-down agitation feature. This arrangement helps to reduce over-watching of the clothes and thus prevents wears.

Bleach and fabric softener dispensers

With this washer, you don’t have to bother about adding the washing bleach. The unit comes with an automatic dispenser which adds and dilutes bleach by itself when the wash cycle begins. Another feature of this product that makes for effective washing is the fabric softener dispenser which is able to dilute and dispenses automatically at the appropriate time during the wash cycle.

Enhanced drying system

The product comes with a 5.9 Cu. Ft dryer. The space in the dryer is big enough to accommodate your regular loads. The drying system of the product works finely and automatically. If the clothes get to the right moisture content, the system will automatically stop functioning so that the clothes will not dry more than it should.

Little or no wrinkles

Whirlpool 27″ White Washer And Dryer Combo¬†– WGT3300XQ features the tumble press cycle which eliminates wrinkles from clothes that have been washed and dried. So, even if you still want to iron your clothes, you will not spend much time on that. At the selected temperatures, this feature is able to offer 10-15 minutes tumbling and at the room temperature, it provides 5 to 10 minutes of tumbling.

Durable construction

This product is created with strong material and thus it will last longer for you. It features a porcelain basket available in white color. It is made with a porcelain coated steel. The basket has strong resistance against scrapes, scratches, rust, discoloration, chipping and durable finish.

Other features in the product includes:

3 water level selections

3 wash/spin speed combinations

Self-cleaning lint filter

6 cycles

3 temperature selections

4 way venting option and others

Whirlpool 24″ Stack Washer With Gas Dryer – LTG5243DQ

This product is available in a slim design making it possible for it to fit wherever you need it in your home. Thus, it provides the convenience of doing one’s laundry at home thereby saving you the time and stress of going to the laundromat. It is strongly created and well equipped with lots of features that function together to give the best performance.

Gentle and thorough wash system

This washer washes clothes gently thanks to its gentle wash system. With this feature, the system will not make your clothes to wear. Besides, it has a wash load of 1.5 Cu. Ft. washer capacity. This capacity is appreciable and it may accommodate all your clothes at the same time. Another feature of this product that makes for enhance washing is the surgilator agilator which is also available in some other Whirlpool stackable washer-dryers. This feature as mentioned above ensures thorough cleaning of the clothes by generating a continuous rollover action.

Automatic dry-miser control

If you are using this product, when you are drying your clothes, you don’t have to be checking and checking to know when they clothes have dried. You can choose how you will want the clothes to dry. The automatic dry-miser control feature puts the system off when the clothes have dried as selected.

Spreckle Porcelain Basket

The product comes with a spreckle basket that has a smooth porcelain surface which is capable of resisting odors, chemicals and scratches. With the spreckled coloring, small items can be spotted. The feature also makes your clothes to have the best look.

End-of-cycle signal

When you load the laundry, you don’t have to be checking and checking to know when the cycle has been completed. You will be alerted by the end-of-cycle signal when it has been completed.

Other features in the product are:

5 wash/spin speed combinations

DuraWhite interior

Easy-to-clean lint filter

side swing door

3 water level selections

The washer-dryer has excellent specification. If you buy it, you may not go wrong with your choice.


Stackable washer-dryers are good additions in every home especially in homes that have limited spaces. It can fit into a number of spaces in your home such as the basement, garage, closet and even the bathroom. There are a lot of products in the market today. With improvement in technology, most manufacturers are now including a lot of features in their products which make them to deliver impressive functionality and has high durability.

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